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Document Scanning Benefits

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Melken Solution Scanning and Digitization Services

Store Information Electronically

Information that’s stored electronically after it’s been digitally scanned into the database can be password protected and encrypted, protecting it from prying eyes. These documents can also be accessed with ease from a central location with a click of the mouse. Employees no longer have to go searching through countless piles of paper or drive to off-site locations.

Increase Office Efficiency

Once a document scanning process has been implemented, there will be a noticeable increase in office efficiency. Employees won’t have to deal with a complex filing and recording system. Businesses can benefit greatly from implementing a digital scanning process. Savings from reduced storage, combined with increased employee efficiency, will help increase your company’s profit.

Never Lose a Record or Document Again

Many businesses have piles and piles of paperwork sitting in various cubicles and office spaces.  No one can find anything. This lack of organization is harmful to your business.

Records and documents often get lost in situations like this, and with no electronic image of the original document, you have no proof of what was on that piece of paper. Whether it was an employee file, an invoice or a client billing statement, businesses that find themselves in this type of situation often lose a significant amount of money. Document scanning takes away these issues altogether. When you scan a document into an electronic database, you never have to worry about losing it again.

Document Storage Costs are Lowered

Storing paper records can cost thousands of dollars per month, depending on how much space you need. These types of costs significantly cut into a company’s bottom line and take precious funds away that could be used for a more productive purpose. When you partner with a company that specializes in digital scanning, you can almost eliminate storage costs. You will no longer need off-site storage space to house old documents or to pay a clerk to supervise a long and drawn out filing process. The trade-off is the expense involved in outsourcing conversion to digital documents.

Ugghhhh! Is it truly tax season again?

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Scanning ServicesAs we begin the New Year, we are reminded of our goals from 2014 and the goals we plan to establish for 2015. Hopefully, one of those goals is to protect yourself. There are many ways to achieve this protection; I want to focus on just one. Creating an electronic archive of your financial records, medical records, family historical documents, pictures, wills, birth certificates or other documents that mean the most to you.

We have all seen the Allstate commercial with Mayhem, and how disaster can strike at anytime.  Mayhem urges us all to protect ourselves with insurance coverage, which is a very valid point. Melken Solutions Scanning Services urges you to do the same with with an insurance plan for your hard copy documents and pictures.

To help you get started Melken Solutions is offering to provide free document scanning for up to 1 inch of documents or 150 pages. All you need to do is visit Melken Solutions Scanning Services to schedule your appointment.

Previously, we spoke about archiving your tax documents. As accountants and other professionals move into a paperless word, they would prefer if you provided your tax and other financial documents in electronic form to assist them with their job. Electronic information management has become the standard and is now being used to enhance the IRS examination process. Providing accounting records in electronic format provides significant advantages to include the saving of time for you as well as your financial professional.

To schedule your appointment or learn how you can prepare and protect your business or personal documents.  Contact a professional document scanning service provider.

Kendall Felder, is the General Manager of Melken Solutions, LLC.

It’s Hurricane Season, Are You Ready?

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Are you prepared?
Are you prepared?

From natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes, to common issues such as robbery and hardware failures, your business may be particularly vulnerable during a time of crisis.  While a catastrophic disaster may easily destroy a business in seconds, most business owners are unprepared for even common events, such as flooding or fires.  Ensuring that your business is protected when an emergency strikes is a wise investment that is essential to the long term success of your company.

Protect Your Employees

The most important measure a business owner can take during a time of crisis is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the employees.  Your business should have an emergency plan that will provide protection for every employee, visitor and client in the event of a sudden calamity.   The emergency plan should make provisions for severe-weather sheltering, an evacuation or a lock-down in the event of an act of violence.  Having an emergency plan in place will not only help you keep yourself and your employees safe, but will enable your business to recover from a crisis more quickly.

Have A Plan

A second measure that you should take as a business owner to ensure the survival of the business through a natural disaster is to familiarize yourself with your insurance policies.  Review the fine print of your property insurance policy and your business interruption insurance.  Make sure your policies still provide sufficient coverage, especially if your business has experienced growth.  In addition to this, your business should also have an alternate work site and backup suppliers and vendors in the event that a natural disaster should affect the efficiency of your primary providers.

Back Up Important Data

Finally, having a digital backup of your company’s important data is essential in ensuring the survival of your business through a natural disaster.  All critical data, including accounting records, customer lists, inventory records and employee data, should be stored and maintained by an online backup service provider.  Ensuring that all of your critical data has been scanned and is stored off-site is essential to your company’s ability to endure through a catastrophe such as a fire or a flood.


If your business does not have a contingency plan in place, create one today.  Preparing your employees and your business for a crisis is essential to ensuring that your business will survive a disaster.




Benefits of Using a Document Scanning Service

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Benefits of Using a Document Scanning Service Provider

Are you considering taking the steps of digitizing your documents?  Are you wondering if you should take the leap?  Are you trying to determine the benefits of scanning your documents?  If you decide that scanning your documents is in your future, you may find that the services of a professional document scanning company may be a great investment for your organization.

What are the benefits of document scanning?

The process of document scanning involves the converging of your business or organizations paper documents into electronic images. Document scanning allows for the filing of important and sensitive data electronically, eliminating the clutter of traditional paper filing systems.

Converging paper documents into electronic documents improves organization and makes retrieval of needed documents in the future an effortless process that takes just seconds to retrieve compared to hours of searching with traditional methods.

Some of the many benefits that you can expect from document scanning include:

  • A cost-effective solution to the storing of sensitive documents and data.
  • An increase in productivity due to the elimination of paper backlogs.
  • The elimination of excess paper usage provides a cost-effective green solution to records management.
  • The prevention of lost records by eliminating the need for the storing of papers and manila folders in off-site facilities or on-site storage cabinets.
  • A simple and easy records management system.
  • Swift document retrieval – in just seconds instead of hours.
  • The centralization of important data for the entire organization or business.
  • Say goodbye to bulky file cabinets.

Who uses document scanning services?

Document scanning is becoming an increasingly popular records management solution and is frequently incorporated for these purposes and in these office types:  Law Offices, Archived Records, Banks, Engineering Firms, Technical Reports, Government Records, Insurance Companies, Medical Records, Real Estate and Mortgage, School Districts, Environmental Reports, Contracts, Training Manuals, Human Resources and many more office types.

Typical and Frequently Common Reasons for Requiring Document Scanning Services:

  • To save time, money and valuable resources
  • To make the following of government regulations easier
  • To connect with customers and clients faster and more efficiently
  • To prevent lost records with improved records management
  • Increased storage capabilities and security
  • For the distribution of documents
  • Readily available documents anytime from anywhere; even on the road

One of the most common reasons for document scanning is to improve time management. Businesses and organizations spend literally hours each day searching for needed documents and this waste of time is eliminated with document scanning solutions.

Reducing the need to search for documents will also reduce that stressful overloaded feeling that many people under the pressure to find needed documents often times may feel.

Find documents in just seconds, compared to hours of man labor. Improving time management will also increase productivity. With electronic document scanning, workers are able to better utilize their time doing other more important tasks.

Why is choosing a document scanning service provider my best choice?

Choosing to store your important and sensitive date electronically through a document scanning service provider is a cost-effective and stress-free records management solution. At Melken Solutions, we’re a customer-focused scanning service. Your satisfaction and security is important to us. We pride ourselves in providing you with customizable services that serve all of your records management needs and fit your budget as well.

Our latest document imaging technology, software and scanning equipment allows for the secure electronic management of any type of document. We offer a flexible approach with both off-site scanning and on-site scanning. The security and privacy of your sensitive documents and data are highly-important to us and we promise that your confidentiality and privacy is our priority.

Melken Solutions is HIPPA Compliant and all of our employees are both trained and thoroughly monitored when it comes to HIPAA privacy, confidentiality and security. The Melken Solutions approach provides 24/7 security monitoring ensuring that your data is protected and not breeched at all times.

Contact Melken Solutions today to learn more about how document scanning may be beneficial to your business or organization. Let us help you by providing you with our stress-free and highly-secure records management solution.