Document Scanning Benefits

Store Information Electronically Information that’s stored electronically after it’s been digitally scanned into the database can be password protected and encrypted, protecting it from prying eyes. These documents can also be accessed with ease from a central location with a click of the mouse. Employees no longer have to go searching through countless piles of […]

Ugghhhh! Is it truly tax season again?

As we begin the New Year, we are reminded of our goals from 2014 and the goals we plan to establish for 2015. Hopefully, one of those goals is to protect yourself. There are many ways to achieve this protection; I want to focus on just one. Creating an electronic archive of your financial records, […]

It’s Hurricane Season, Are You Ready?

From natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes, to common issues such as robbery and hardware failures, your business may be particularly vulnerable during a time of crisis.  While a catastrophic disaster may easily destroy a business in seconds, most business owners are unprepared for even common events, such as flooding or fires.  Ensuring that your […]

Benefits of Using a Document Scanning Service

Benefits of Using a Document Scanning Service Provider Are you considering taking the steps of digitizing your documents?  Are you wondering if you should take the leap?  Are you trying to determine the benefits of scanning your documents?  If you decide that scanning your documents is in your future, you may find that the services […]