How Outsourcing Can Save Your Business Money

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As a business owner, you may find yourself involved in every aspect of your company.  However, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the small and repetitive tasks that are essential to running your business.

While large businesses have previously dominated the outsourcing model, outsourcing can also be highly beneficial for smaller businesses.  When done for the correct reasons, outsourcing repetitive tasks will save your business time and money.

Access to Highly Skilled Expertise
When you are hiring employees for your business, it can be difficult to find candidates that have the skills and experience you are looking for, but are willing to work for a rate that your business can afford.  By outsourcing, you can have access to highly skilled workers without the hassle of hiring someone in house.

Focus on What Matters
Every business has limited resources, and every business owner and manager has a limited amount of time and expertise.  By outsourcing the repetitive aspects of your business that are essential but time-consuming, you free up your schedule to address the more important tasks.  When you are not bogged down by clerical office tasks, you are able to focus on growing your business and investing time in the areas that will have long term benefits for your business.

Save Time and Money
To determine what your business will save by outsourcing your document scanning, compare the cost of outsourcing this job to the costs associated with hiring an employee.  By outsourcing repetitive jobs, you spare expenses such as paying an employee’s training, health insurance, sick pay and vacation time.  You are able to free up your own schedule to address the areas of your business that are more important and that generate more money.

Outsourcing a repetitive job such as document scanning is time efficient and cost effective.  According to research, a business that outsources repetitive tasks saves approximately 60% over those who opt for in-house scanning.  Lonnie Young of Young & Company stated, “By outsourcing my document scanning project, I was able to save money that was the equivalent of me purchasing a new vehicle.”

Another reason that outsourcing is beneficial to businesses is the costs of equipment.  While efficient imaging solutions are available, you must evaluate vendors and have a firm understanding of the technology available so that you will be able to make an educated decision regarding infrastructure needs and software configuration.

By outsourcing your document scanning, you will work directly with a company that already has the necessary software, infrastructure and training to quickly start the scanning process.

By outsourcing your document scanning needs, your business will save time and money while benefiting from the experience of the experts at Melken Solutions.

Benefits of Using a Document Scanning Service

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Benefits of Using a Document Scanning Service Provider

Are you considering taking the steps of digitizing your documents?  Are you wondering if you should take the leap?  Are you trying to determine the benefits of scanning your documents?  If you decide that scanning your documents is in your future, you may find that the services of a professional document scanning company may be a great investment for your organization.

What are the benefits of document scanning?

The process of document scanning involves the converging of your business or organizations paper documents into electronic images. Document scanning allows for the filing of important and sensitive data electronically, eliminating the clutter of traditional paper filing systems.

Converging paper documents into electronic documents improves organization and makes retrieval of needed documents in the future an effortless process that takes just seconds to retrieve compared to hours of searching with traditional methods.

Some of the many benefits that you can expect from document scanning include:

  • A cost-effective solution to the storing of sensitive documents and data.
  • An increase in productivity due to the elimination of paper backlogs.
  • The elimination of excess paper usage provides a cost-effective green solution to records management.
  • The prevention of lost records by eliminating the need for the storing of papers and manila folders in off-site facilities or on-site storage cabinets.
  • A simple and easy records management system.
  • Swift document retrieval – in just seconds instead of hours.
  • The centralization of important data for the entire organization or business.
  • Say goodbye to bulky file cabinets.

Who uses document scanning services?

Document scanning is becoming an increasingly popular records management solution and is frequently incorporated for these purposes and in these office types:  Law Offices, Archived Records, Banks, Engineering Firms, Technical Reports, Government Records, Insurance Companies, Medical Records, Real Estate and Mortgage, School Districts, Environmental Reports, Contracts, Training Manuals, Human Resources and many more office types.

Typical and Frequently Common Reasons for Requiring Document Scanning Services:

  • To save time, money and valuable resources
  • To make the following of government regulations easier
  • To connect with customers and clients faster and more efficiently
  • To prevent lost records with improved records management
  • Increased storage capabilities and security
  • For the distribution of documents
  • Readily available documents anytime from anywhere; even on the road

One of the most common reasons for document scanning is to improve time management. Businesses and organizations spend literally hours each day searching for needed documents and this waste of time is eliminated with document scanning solutions.

Reducing the need to search for documents will also reduce that stressful overloaded feeling that many people under the pressure to find needed documents often times may feel.

Find documents in just seconds, compared to hours of man labor. Improving time management will also increase productivity. With electronic document scanning, workers are able to better utilize their time doing other more important tasks.

Why is choosing a document scanning service provider my best choice?

Choosing to store your important and sensitive date electronically through a document scanning service provider is a cost-effective and stress-free records management solution. At Melken Solutions, we’re a customer-focused scanning service. Your satisfaction and security is important to us. We pride ourselves in providing you with customizable services that serve all of your records management needs and fit your budget as well.

Our latest document imaging technology, software and scanning equipment allows for the secure electronic management of any type of document. We offer a flexible approach with both off-site scanning and on-site scanning. The security and privacy of your sensitive documents and data are highly-important to us and we promise that your confidentiality and privacy is our priority.

Melken Solutions is HIPPA Compliant and all of our employees are both trained and thoroughly monitored when it comes to HIPAA privacy, confidentiality and security. The Melken Solutions approach provides 24/7 security monitoring ensuring that your data is protected and not breeched at all times.

Contact Melken Solutions today to learn more about how document scanning may be beneficial to your business or organization. Let us help you by providing you with our stress-free and highly-secure records management solution.

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