Why does 508 Compliance matter to me?

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In 1998, Congress amended the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 to require Federal agencies to make their electronic and information technology (EIT) accessible to people with disabilities. The law (29 U.S.C. § 794 (d)) applies to all Federal agencies when they develop, procure, maintain, or use electronic and information technology. Under Section 508, agencies must give disabled employees and members of the public access to information that is comparable to access available to others.

Since June 2001 the law has required all content created using federal money to be 508 compliant. This includes government hosted or contractor hosted websites and intranet sites. This also includes content hosted by third-party services like YouTube.

The above statement is very important for government contractors. Because, under Section 508, federal contractors must provide disabled employees access to technology comparable to the access available to non-disabled persons. The purpose is ensuring full access and encouraging diversity in the workforce by removing barriers to otherwise gainfully employable individuals.

If you are doing business with or selling to the government, be sure that you meet the accessibility requirements under Section 508. The questions for contractors who wish to continue to sell EIT products or services to the Federal government are: (1) how to apply the standards; and (2) whether, and in what form, to “certify” to the agency that its products or services are Section 508 compliant.

Section 508 is a reality governing all Federal agency contracts. EIT products and services that do not meet compliance standards or come under an applicable exception can no longer be purchased by Federal agencies. Companies are already seeking to capitalize on the regulation, looking to unseat established competitors who do not comply with Section 508 standards.

The Bottom Line is, if your company’s sales of EIT products and services rely on the Federal marketplace, Section 508 compliance is an absolute imperative for continued business success. Making PDFs accessible (508 compliant) requires a thorough knowledge of (1) specific accessibility laws, (2) the ever-changing standards; and (3) specialized tools. Seek the help of a company that has specialized experience in 508 Compliance remediation.

Contact Melken Solutions for a free consultation on how to meet the standards.


Enterprise Information Management

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Enterprise Information Management

Employees waste time each day looking for documents and information. What if you could access anything at any time, instantly? Learn how M-Files manages every thing in your business.

No more folders

Network folder hierarchies are chaotic, making choosing where to store something difficult, let alone finding it again. M-Files manages documents by their properties instead of folders.

It’s easy

Integrate with Windows and apps without changing how you work.

Share it

Manage content with automated workflows and co-editing, even in the cloud.

It’s secure

Control access based on each file’s properties and each user’s role.

It’s mobile

View, create, edit and store documents anywhere. Even while you’re offline.



At BEA 2015, Melken will introduce the future of tomorrow in e-publishing.

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Melken Solutions ePub / eBook creation and conversion services will help you gear up for tomorrow’s needs.

We now live in a world where technology and the cultural acceptance of e-books parallels the state of the printed book in the 15th century.

E-books are beginning to break free of their incunabula stage. While many may think of an e-book as just an electronic image of a paper product, we, like others use the electronic format to broaden the spectrum of publishing in today’s digital age in preparation for the future of tomorrow.

M-Files Partner Program Expands with Addition of Melken Solutions

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M-Files is a professional document management solution that enables businesses to make dramatic gains in efficiency and productivity by improving the way they organize, manage and track documents and processes. A key advantage of M-Files is that it can be easily configured to meet the specific needs of businesses in a variety of industries, including those with demanding records management and regulatory compliance requirements.

As an M-Files partner, Melken Solutions will engage with companies to help them become more efficient in how they manage, secure and share their information and documents. Melken Solutions’s customer base consists of organizations in the Medical, Legal, Financial, Federal and Local Government.  Melken Solutions intends to leverageM-Files to help transition its clients from archaic network folder-based schemes for managing their business information and processes to a dynamic enterprise content management system for improving efficiency and workflow, eliminating information silos, maximizing information reuse, eliminating redundancy and avoiding conflicts and data loss.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to use – if you know Windows, you know M-Files
  • Web Access to your documents
  • No more chaotic file cabinets and Windows network folders
  • Find documents or files quickly – Never lose a file again
  • Easy integration with existing company software
  • Control document versions and workflows
  • Document security, quality management and compliance
  • Go Paperless!

Contact Melken Solutions to learn more.

You can’t just use a program to create an eBook.

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Many people think it is simple to create an eBook.  They think if they use an online converter tool or another software tool, that is all that is required.  You can go that route because it is a cheap option, but the old adage applies, if you want quality, it’s not cheap.

Melken has a solution to help convert and/or create ePublications.

Contact us to learn about our process.

BEA 2015 Countdown

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Melken Solutions will be at Book Expo America. Connect with us to learn how Progress is Forward Moving.  We are experts in ePub creations and conversions. Contact us to learn more. 

Ugghhhh! Is it truly tax season again?

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Scanning ServicesAs we begin the New Year, we are reminded of our goals from 2014 and the goals we plan to establish for 2015. Hopefully, one of those goals is to protect yourself. There are many ways to achieve this protection; I want to focus on just one. Creating an electronic archive of your financial records, medical records, family historical documents, pictures, wills, birth certificates or other documents that mean the most to you.

We have all seen the Allstate commercial with Mayhem, and how disaster can strike at anytime.  Mayhem urges us all to protect ourselves with insurance coverage, which is a very valid point. Melken Solutions Scanning Services urges you to do the same with with an insurance plan for your hard copy documents and pictures.

To help you get started Melken Solutions is offering to provide free document scanning for up to 1 inch of documents or 150 pages. All you need to do is visit Melken Solutions Scanning Services to schedule your appointment.

Previously, we spoke about archiving your tax documents. As accountants and other professionals move into a paperless word, they would prefer if you provided your tax and other financial documents in electronic form to assist them with their job. Electronic information management has become the standard and is now being used to enhance the IRS examination process. Providing accounting records in electronic format provides significant advantages to include the saving of time for you as well as your financial professional.

To schedule your appointment or learn how you can prepare and protect your business or personal documents.  Contact a professional document scanning service provider.

Kendall Felder, is the General Manager of Melken Solutions, LLC.